Sunday, February 3, 2013

NY Times Wayne Shorter Article

Interesting article on Wayne Shorter in today's (2/3/13) New York Times on the imminent (this Tuesday) release of his recording, "Without a Net."  Shorter, even at nearly 80, is still experimenting with the music, resisting the temptation to lean on things he's done in the past.  He seems like a somewhat cryptic guy, but I especially liked the quotation from him at the close of the article:

"To me there's no such thing as beginning or end," Mr. Shorter said.  "I always say don't discard the past completely because you have to bring with you the most valuable elements of experience, to be sort of like a flashlight.  A flashlight into the unknown."

Addendum: Looks like our friends at NPR have made the complete "Without a Net" available for a listen.  Check it out. 

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