Sunday, January 13, 2013

Test Your Jazz Tenor Sax Knowledge

I ran across this item on the Facebook Saxophonists group page.  An active and excellent saxophonist and transcriptionist, Charles McNeal, put together fifteen 8-second clips of well-known jazz tenor saxophonists.  Charles also provides a list of 20 saxophonists, 15 of which are the players in the clips.  Try to see how many of the saxophonists you can identify.  It's not easy, particularly from just 8-second's worth of playing, but it's great fun.  I'll confess: I only got six out of fifteen right.  But I liked all the clips, and, though I'm familiar with all the players (not as familiar as I thought, apparently), I'm motivated to explore these players and particular recordings further as a result of hearing these clips.  I'll post the answers tomorrow.  If you can't wait, you'll have to check out Charles's post on the Facebook Saxophonists group page.  Enjoy!

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