Thursday, August 16, 2012

European Saxophonists on Video

Carrying on from our (accidental) European saxophonist extravaganza, here is a fairly recent video of Jan Garbarek.  It’s a good tune and a good performance.  As noted in the comments in YouTube, the bass player, Eberhard Weber, lays down an awesomely funky bass line at around 2 minutes in.  It’s probably a bad thought, but, man do these old guys play some funky good music.  The whole group sounds great.

There’s another, slicker version of this tune by the same group (except for the percussionist), which I think is from a DVD.  I prefer the performance in the rougher video, but I would still love to own the DVD the slicker version comes from.  If anyone knows how I can purchase this DVD, drop me a line. 

Finally, I decided to start posting the URLs of the web pages of the saxophonists I review here.  (A little something for being put under my microscope, so to speak.)  While I was peeking at Tineke Postma’s web site, I saw this video of a performance she gave with Esperanza Spalding.  It’s a distinctive, and good, take on “Body and Soul.”  It will give you some idea of Postma’s playing on the Dawn of Light recording.       

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